Cleaning house


They are waiting
to take away your desk
they will find another
piece of furniture to move
into its dusty place
they will throw away
the blotter that has over the years
caught your spilled ink
the kaleidoscopic Tiffany lamp
will be sold at auction
your grandchildrens’ photos
moved to the fireplace mantle
the paid bill receipts
tossed into the trash
along with the empty dull orange
prescription pill bottles

Well, let them pitch it all…
outside in the furrowed rows
the resolute stalks of corn
continue to grow
ears straining to hear
the quiet rustling of silk
as it dances
in the changing air.


Author: compasionatecritiques

Michael Eaton Bio Grew up in Littlefield TX and ran around with Waylon Jennings little brother. In high school lived and worked in a funeral home. First came to Austin in 1960 to attend UT. One year later enlisted in the Army. After serving came back to Austin and managed the Texas Theatre on the Drag. Was there when Whitman went on his killing spree from the Tower. Before completing school, decided to go to San Francisco State University. Moved there, and became a hippie living in a commune until graduation with a Masters in Creative Writing. Then came back to Austin and became partners in a stained glass studio, a business in which my eldest son is still involved in Houston. After two more children arrived, needed to make more money and became a new home salesman. Now retired. Recently have just completed conducting two poetry classes in assisted living centers for the elderly in Austin and Wimberley. I write poetry to stay sane in a sometimes insane world.

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